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"Given Christy's extensive personal training experience, she was able to clearly and concisely lead me through the poses and make adjustments that helped me perfect a pose while respecting any injuries or physical sensitivities I might have been experiencing. Her trainings were varied and never boring. She also has a joyous and upbeat personality."

Jennifer Morrill

Welcome to Pi-Yo Play!

Pi Yo Play

Busy Moms Need a Little Help

Maintaining your fitness through motherhood will help you to be a happier, healthier mother—but how you will find the time and energy to work fitness into your ever-changing life?

Pi-Yo Play® is here to help you with efficient, expertly designed workouts and programs that can include your baby/child, help you to find time for you, and make room for fitness in your schedule. Trainer Christy Li can help you:

  • Strengthen your body gaining muscle mass &/or using your muscles on a regular basis will give you more energy throughout the day
  • Increase cardio help you burn more calories, lose weight, strengthen your heart
  • Release your stress & increase cortisol level
  • Create a support network that is crucial to long-term success
  • Decrease any physical pain
  • Increase flexibility to keep your body supple and limber
  • Make time for yourself to rejuvenate your body and replenish your soul

Now Enrolling: Small Group Personal Training

Receive the benefits of personal training with the support of a small, intimate group of moms by joining one of our small group training sessions.

Pi-Yo Play® offers a variety of programs to best suit your current fitness needs. Sign up with your friends or get matched with other moms in your area. For more information, see the small group training page or contact Pi-Yo Play.