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Postnatal Journey Back to My Previous Weight

I have decided to share with anyone who is interested my personal journey as I head towards my goal of my previous weight of 124.4 lbs. Ideally I would like to get down to 120lbs since I am only 5′ 3”, but one day at a time. I am not in a rush. It took 9 months to put this weight on and in may take 9 months to take it back off, as it did with my daughter. However, I am honestly hoping to do it sooner this time around. I think it’s possible because I have less weight to loose, 12lbs as of now, and I am very determined. 

As apre/postnatal fitness instructor, personal trainer, and mom, I feel there is a great deal of information out there on prenatal but very little on postnatal. Even in the fitness world, if you get a pre/postnatal certification and/or attend pre/postnatal workshops, there is very little discussion and education on postnatal. I am trying to further educate myself personally and professionally. In addition I am hoping to help others and possibly inspire them to get up and get moving.

Over the course of the upcoming months, let me help the questions that may arise:  What can and should we expect in terms of getting back in shape and getting our body back? Should there be any pain? When can we get back to running if we were a runner before? What will it feel like? Why does it take so long to come off? In addition to sharing my journey, I will be sharing postnatal facts, tips, and advice. I will also post tips for baby’s development and playing/working out with baby as that is my specialty in my Mommy and Baby Pi-Yo Play program. 

Today’s goal was to do a 30 minute run since so far my best was 25 mins. I did it, followed by a five minute cool down. 🙂  Yes, I would have liked to walk more before and after but baby cries and needs to be fed. I am happy to meet my goal since it was week 8 with my daughter when I got my first 20 min run in.

(Since I will always have very little time to post my results, tips, and facts, I apologize now for spelling errors and for grammar issues, etc. Ok, baby needs me again now – off I go!

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Posted on August 22nd, 2009

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