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"Christy has two key elements necessary to train a woman through pregnancy: knowledge and enthusiasm. Using her knowledge (and personal experience!) of pre-natal physiology and training techniques, Christy trained me from start to finish. Christy was able to adapt my workout to meet my constantly evolving needs. In addition, Christy seems to have limitless enthusiasm for her work and is relentless in trying to motivate slackers like me. And it works. Without Christy's help, I would never have been lifting weights and stretching 6 days before giving birth!"


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Yoga and Chutes & Ladders

Yesterday, (Monday)consisted of a 45 min yoga workout from Comcast’s On Demand Elise Gulan Yoga Fitness Plus I love this yoga workout, very effective and it’s somewhat free! How does this get combined with the Chutes & Ladders game? Well with 10mins left to go, Ethaniel wants to feed and Alexandra (2yr old) wants to play a game. So there I sit on my yoga mat with the workout on pause, breastfeeding and playing a game of Chutes & Ladders. After completion of both, I finished my last 10mins, a very determined mom with happy little ones.

Ethaniel was born on June 29th, Monday, so I weigh myself every Monday. I lost 17 lbs within the first 3-4 weeks (including the actual birth weight).  I have not lost weight in the last 4 wks or so. Yes, this is very frustrating. However, I am losing measurements so this keeps me motivated. I have been doing monthly body measurments for the last six years. So I can compare last postpartum pregnancy to this one and I can compare how I am doing from birth until now. Next measurements will take place next Monday. So we’ll see how it’s going then and I will explain how my weight finally dropped in my first postpartum experience. Will the same happen this time around?

Posted on August 25th, 2009

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