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"I have been attending Christy's "Floor Pilates" class for the last 2 years and very happy with the results. Christy is an excellent instructor, very mindful about her students. Her classes are very well-paced, exciting and fun to attend. I would recommend her to anyone."

Marina Salzman

Personal Training

Why do you need a personal trainer?

  • To Motivate You
  • To Provide Consistency
  • To Keep You Safe
  • To Create a Customized Workout
  • To Achieve Results in Less Time
  • To Supervise Your Progress
  • To Support You at Every Step

What can you do with a personal trainer?

  • Improve Your Health and Life
  • Increase Your Self Esteem
  • Feel Good About Yourself
  • Recover from Injury or Childbirth
  • Make and Reach Your Fitness Goals
  • Have a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Lose Weight
  • Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Christy brings enthusiasm, fitness/health education, support, motivation, energy, and individual attention to every program. Your program will be tailored for you based on your needs and goals. Every workout is different, offering new challenges and learning opportunities on how your can modify your workouts to prevent your body and mind from getting bored. You will have fun and work hard while meeting your fitness goals!

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are conducted in your home, at an outdoor location of your choice, or at Christy’s Home Studio located by Union & Blossom Hill in Los Gatos.

Pi-Yo Play® specializes in:

  • Women’s Overall Health whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, increase flexibility, or make a personal fitness/health goal
  • Prenatal relaxation and gentle toning
  • Postnatal strengthening and recovery
  • Mom & Baby Program to exercise, bond, and play
  • Aerial Yoga whether you want to stretch, gain strength, or play on the hammock (with possibly hanging upside down), you are bound to find something you love about it.


  • Individual Training: $80 per hour
  • Buddy Training: $40 per person

What People are Saying

"I started working with Christy in April 2004 when I learned that I was pregnant with my second child. I gained close to fifty pounds during my first pregnancy, which it took close to a year to lose. I also had a cesarean the first time around and was hoping to have a vaginal delivery the second. Working with a trainer seemed the most sure-fire way to stay in better shape both before and after the pregnancy, and to facilitate a ‘VBAC’ (vaginal birth after cesarean) by strengthening my abdominal muscles. I’d never worked with a trainer before, however, and was concerned about the cost, and about being pushed perhaps too hard while pregnant.

"Immediately after working with Christy I knew I’d made the right decision. First and foremost, she has a joyous, upbeat personality that gets you down to the gym even on your worst days. It is the very rare day that Christy does not give 110 percent. Her workouts are varied and never boring; she often experiments with new exercises to keep things interesting and challenging. She takes a personal interest in my goals, health considerations, and daily moods, and tailors the workouts accordingly. She has an innate understanding for what my body is able to handle, which was very important throughout my pregnancy. Though she didn’t have children herself at that time, she was empathetic and knowledgeable throughout my pregnancy, researching prenatal health and fitness issues and even taking classes on the subject. Her extensive Pilates training makes it second-nature for her to incorporate exercises that strengthen and tone the abdominal and supporting muscles.

"The results: After working with Christy two to three times a week from April to mid-November 2004 (I gave birth on December 4), I gained less than 30 pounds—20 pounds less than the first pregnancy—and, even more importantly, had a successful VBAC with a little over an hour of pushing. My doctor felt that Christy’s training had definitely helped facilitate the VBAC. Once I could begin safely exercising again after the birth, Christy put me on a reasonable program to get me back in shape. With a little help from Weight Watchers I was able to quickly regain my pre-pregnancy weight, in part because of my increased metabolism through regular weight training.

"I continue to work out with Christy at least two times a week and feel happier and healthier than I ever have. With two kids and a full-time, demanding job, my time with Christy is vital to not just my physical health but my mental health, and I always look forward to it. I would (and have) highly recommend any class given by Christy to my best friends."

Jennifer Morrill