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"I have been attending Christy's "Floor Pilates" class for the last 2 years and very happy with the results. Christy is an excellent instructor, very mindful about her students. Her classes are very well-paced, exciting and fun to attend. I would recommend her to anyone."

Marina Salzman

Small Group Personal Training

Training is done in the home, at a facility, or outdoors.

If you have a group looking for training but these descriptions do not meet your group’s needs, contact Pi-Yo Play®.

Prenatal Fitness

for 2-4 expectant moms

It is extremely important to take care of yourself during these precious months. During this training, you will learn how to safely and properly exercise both aerobically and anaerobically using weights, exercise balls, and tubing. Exercise during pregnancy can decrease swelling and lower back pains, increase strength, decrease the chance of becoming diabetic, and keeps weight gain in the healthy range. Training sessions will be tailored for each person in the group and for all the different stages of pregnancy. Enjoy the support from other pregnant women as your hormones and motivational levels change from day to day. Workouts will mostly consist of strength, yoga, and breathing techniques while Christy monitors your cardiovascular program which will be completed on your own.

Women Seeking Health & Strength

for 3-4 females

Women exercising together is not only fun but keeps one another accountable, while motivating, and can keep the costs of personal training down. Some benefits you will experience working with Christy in a small group include:

  • Keeping your body limber, toning your muscles, improving your cardiovascular system, and improving your balance.
  • Helping you learn to breathe deeply whether it’s while stretching or in the hardest part of the workout, which will help you as you face the physical, emotional, and mental demands of life outside of training.
  • Improving your mental and physical well being as a whole, along with any other goals.

Each session is programmed according to the group’s needs for that day. If training at Christy’s studio, never be bored as you move from BOSUS, to exercise bands, to free weights, to exercise balls, to gliding discs, to yoga hanging hammock, and more!

Mommy & Baby Pi-Yo Play®

for 2-10 mommies & babies

Mommy & Baby Pi-Yo Play training combines a unique blend of pilates and yoga for you to bond with your baby. You and your baby will play and learn as you sing Nursery Rhyme songs, explore movement, practice massage, explore new objects and observe other babies. Your baby will enjoy modeling your movements and listening to your voice. After every session, you will leave with a S.M.I.L.E (social support, mindful exercise, ideas for playing with baby, loving memories, and energy). Exercises and poses are performed both with and near your baby. Mommy & Baby Pi-Yo Play trainings are a unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that will bring you and your baby closer while assisting you in your recovery from childbirth.

You will need water and a yoga mat for you and a blanket for your baby. Open for babies 6 weeks – 9 months old (early stages of crawling). No prior yoga or pilates experience required.

Kids Fitness

for 2-4 children around the same ages

Kids fitness groups will blend cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility components through games and a variety of equipment like different weighted balls, discs, BOSUS, and our floor ladder. Expect your child to laugh, have fun, dance, learn good form, increase their fitness level, while also building friendships!

Baby Boomer Divas

for 2-4 adults over age 50

Baby Boomer Divas sessions will combine both cardio and strength, with special attention on your mid section, posture, back strength, and balance. You will receive help to stay motivated to exercise, especially with weight training—a vital component of fitness as we age. Inactive adults over age 30 lose about 3-5% of muscle tissue every 10 years and their metabolism decreases as they age, adding extra pounds. To combat this, you will have a trainer and friends by your side to keep you motivated, consistent, educated, healthy, and looking forward to your workouts. You can expect each session to be challenging, yet fun, and different from week to week. To help prevent boredom and to help achieve each of your goals, we will incorporate fitness tools like exercise balls, tubing, pilates balls, Bosus, medicine balls, weights, and more!

Pi-Yo Baby Boomer Divas

Mom Matchup Program

Are you interested in the benefits of a small group training program, but you don’t have other mom-friends who would like to join with you? Please just contact Pi-Yo Play® with your location and interests, and Christy will do her best to match you up with other moms in your area.


Small group personal training sessions start at $30 per person, and decrease (per person) as the group gets larger. Please contact Christy directly for an exact quote and availability.

For the do-it-yourselfers who are looking for a more independent route, Christy can meet with your group for 1-3 sessions to create a workout for you and educate the group on proper and safe exercising. These scheduled workouts will be written down so you can easily repeat them from week to week. When you are ready for a new program, Christy can come back for another session or she can e-mail you the next appropriate workout routine. Please contact Pi-Yo Play® for more information on this program.

24Hr Policy

If a client contacts the trainer over 24hrs before the scheduled appointment, there will be no charge. If a client cancels within 24hrs of the scheduled appointment, they will be charged the full appointment for the session.

If the trainer needs to cancel and/or reschedule and contacts the clients more than 24hrs before, there will be no changes in the fees. If the trainer cancels under 24hrs, the clients will receive a free session.

If a group consists of 3 or more clients and one client is unable to make it for that session, the group will still meet at the scheduled time and each person will be charged the same amount as always. The person who is unable to make the session will not be charged as long as they notified the trainer over the 24hr period.