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"The reason I love group training is because I work harder when other women are also doing the same thing. It's a lot more fun and keeps me motivated to try even harder especially if it's something someone else can do and I can't. Gyms don't work for me because it's so easy to cheat and do the things you like and are good at. The reason I like you, Christy, as a trainer comes down to two reasons. You make our workouts fun and you do them with us. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I hope you continue training us for years to come."

Saundra Hill

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At 7-weeks postnatal, I am sure I am not alone when constantly thinking about losing weight. Below are some great tips to follow if you are breastfeeding:

Dieting while nursing is fine, but go slow

Lose weight gradually (1 to 2 pounds a week) by combining a healthy, low-fat diet with moderate exercise. Rapid weight loss can pose a danger to your baby because it releases toxins — normally stored in your body fat — into the bloodstream, increasing the amount of these contaminants that wind up in your milk. If you’re losing more than 2 pounds a week after the first six weeks, you need to take in more calories.

If you think you must wean your baby to lose weight, rest assured: Nursing helps to deplete the fat deposited during pregnancy to prepare you for lactation. So some new moms find the weight just seems to fall off while they’re breastfeeding. Still, count on taking ten months to a year to return to your pre-pregnancy weight. And don’t even think about trying to lose weight until at least six weeks after your baby is born. Limiting what you eat in the early weeks of lactation may reduce your milk supply.

Posted on August 21st, 2009

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