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Two Sports Bras For Running

Tip: Add a second sports bra if you feel you need more support. The other day I mentioned the Moving Comfort brand. This bra is like your normal bra in the back, other than it may have more hooks than you are used to, four of them. Sometimes I add another old bra with the criss cross back over the Moving Comfort for even more support, less bounce. I find having the two different back styles gives more coverage. You can purchase Moving Comfort bras from Title Nine (online or at one of their locations), Amazon, or Running Revolution in Campbell if you are local. Title Nine does a great job online and in their catalog describing each sports bra. They even make it easy to find the bra right for you based on their barbell images. Check it out:

Today’s Workout/Tuesday: 45 min run pushing the BOB stroller, occasional walk here and there. This is the second time running with the stroller, much harder running with the stroller verses running by myself. I also did about 15 mins of yoga before heading out the door.

Posted on August 25th, 2009

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Exercise Every Day

Amazing run this morning, 40 mins followed by 8 mins of walking and stretching! I felt wonderful and was proud of myself since I got out the door at 6:40am to run while my husband, and two kids were sleeping. Still felt slight pain/pressure down south as always but other than that it was quite peaceful and enjoyable for a Sunday morning. Eventually I stopped at 40 mins due to my body feeling tired and ready to slow down. Also, I want to make sure I don’t do too much too fast. It is now evening time as I write this and I can feel my inner thighs are aching a little and I am quite tired. Milk production seems to be ok as well. When running you need to be careful that you don’t go too intense or too long too soon because this make effect milk production. Believe me, I was not going fast, probably just over a 10min mile pace. Before pregnancy I was around 8:30 pace sometimes faster. My focus is not on speed now, just getting out there and increasing my time.

Tip: Just get out there and do something every day even if you only have 10mins, it’s better than nothing. Some days I have to break my workouts up into two or three segments due to taking care of my two year old and/or my baby. I may due 10mins of dynaband work, 15 mins of yoga later, and take my two little ones out for a 12min walk in the evening. If you are feeling tired, because that lack of sleep kicks in big time some days, just go for a short walk or do some light yoga.

Posted on August 23rd, 2009

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Running Postnatal: Are you ready to get out there and run?

If you are a runner like me and you just had a baby, you are probably itching big time to get out there and run! Make sure you are ready and do it slow. I started with a run/walk system in week four, mostly walking with 1-3 minutes of a light jog here and there. Well even though I was excited to try running, it was too early. I got home, went to the bathroom and knew that was too much too soon. I waited another week or so and tried again. This time my body was ready. After a few more run/walks, I was finally able to do a continuous run for 15mins on week 7 postpartum. Today at 7.5 wks, I was thrilled to run 25 minutes. It felt like eating the best chocolate ice-cream ever!  I wanted to run even longer, but thought it best to walk and call it a day. I figured if no soreness in the next 24hrs then my body is ready for more. So far, so good.  🙂

Does it hurt? Well, yes I feel it down south a little bit but it will get better. This is part of the reason you have to go slow and build up over time.  Also, be sure to wear a very supportive sports bra. I have a big chest and of course an even bigger chest now while breastfeeding. After much research, I have found the best sports bras to be the Moving Comfort brand.

Posted on August 21st, 2009

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