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"The motivation of woman working out together is a positive experience. With Christy changing the workout routine continually we never have a mundane workout session. With her continued encouragement we are seeing results and building friendships through exercise."



"I have been practicing Pilates for twenty years, and have taken
classes, and one on one instruction, from many instructors. I feel so
fortunate to have discovered Christy five years ago. Her combination
of skill, enthusiasm, and energy is unsurpassed. Christy constantly
varies her classes, while keeping true to core Pilates moves, so her
classes are consistently fun. I always leave her class feeling better
than when I came in.


"The reason I love group training is because I work harder when other women are also doing the same thing. It’s a lot more fun and keeps me motivated to try even harder especially if it’s something someone else can do and I can’t. Gyms don’t work for me because it’s so easy to cheat and do the things you like and are good at."

"The reason I like you, Christy, as a trainer comes down to two reasons. You make our workouts fun and you do them with us. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I hope you continue training us for years to come."

Thank you,
Saundra H.

"Christy has two key elements necessary to train a woman through pregnancy: knowledge and enthusiasm. Using her knowledge (and personal experience!) of pre-natal physiology and training techniques, Christy trained me from start to finish. Christy was able to adapt my workout to meet my constantly evolving needs. In addition, Christy seems to have limitless enthusiasm for her work and is relentless in trying to motivate slackers like me. And it works: Without Christy’s help, I would never have been lifting weights and stretching 6 days before giving birth!"

Ladye W.

"Christy was absolutely fantastic as a pre-natal fitness trainer and instructor. She was knowledgeable, empathetic, and encouraging. Because of Christy, I now appreciate how much exercise can help you with your pregnancy, even when you think all you need is a couch."

Eulonda G. S.

"I have been attending Christy’s ‘Floor Pilates’ class for the last 2 years and very happy with the results."

"Christy is an excellent instructor, very mindful about her students. Her classes are very well-paced, exciting and fun to attend."

"I would recommend her to anyone."

Marina S.