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"The reason I love group training is because I work harder when other women are also doing the same thing. It's a lot more fun and keeps me motivated to try even harder especially if it's something someone else can do and I can't. Gyms don't work for me because it's so easy to cheat and do the things you like and are good at. The reason I like you, Christy, as a trainer comes down to two reasons. You make our workouts fun and you do them with us. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I hope you continue training us for years to come."

Saundra Hill


Pi Yo Play

Mommy & Baby Pi-Yo Play® Teacher Training

When: Stay Tuned for the next Training

What are Mommy & Baby Pi-Yo Play® Classes?

Mommy & Baby Pi-Yo Play® classes combine a very unique blend of Pilates, yoga, and singing while you bond with your baby. You and your baby will play and learn as you sing Nursery Rhyme songs, explore movement, practice massage, explore new objects and observe other babies.

Sample Mommy & Baby Pi-Yo Play Exercises (YouTube Video)

What are some things I can expect from the training weekend?

  • Detailed training manual, including the Pi-Yo Play book that contains all the exercises in detail with pictures
  • Basic Pilates and yoga background & principles
  • Gain the skills to specialize in a very unique program offerred to a specific clientele and you will walk away with a very marketable program called Mommy & Baby Pi-Yo Play
  • Learn breathing and relaxation techniques for mom and baby
  • Discuss & learn the class format
  • Breakdown of each exercise with practical training
  • Experience an actual Mommy & Baby Pi-Yo Play® class
  • Learn the benefits of postnatal training, especially in terms of Pilates and yoga exercise
  • Learn how and why it is important to educate moms on helping to develop baby, especially their senses
  • Learn the steps to market your own class successfully

Training open to personal trainers, instructors, teachers-in-Pilates and/or yoga training, moms with 3 years or more experience in Pilates and/or yoga.

For questions and/or to sign-up, e-mail Christy at

Prenatal Exercise

Learn what happens to your body during the different stages of pregnancy. Learn how exercise can benefit you and your baby. Learn what exercises to focus on throughout your pregnancy. Learn nutritional tips… and much more. The first 15 minutes will be lecture and then we will move into a workout routine that is safe and effective for you to do throughout your pregnancy. We will be using exercise balls, light weights, tubing, and mats. Handouts will be given, including pictures of all the exercises done throughout the workshop.

Prenatal Yoga

A prenatal yoga practice can drastically help women mentally, physically, and emotionally through pregnancy, labor, and even through post pregnancy. Some benefits you will experience while maintaining a yoga practice during pregnancy include:

  • Keeping your body limber, tones your muscles, and improves your balance and circulation, with little, if any, impact on your joints.
  • Helps you learn to breathe deeply and relax, which will help you as you face the physical demands of labor, birth, and motherhood.
  • Improves your mental well being as you encounter the increase of hormones, increases your self esteem, allows you to surrender and embrace the beautiful process of pregnancy, labor and motherhood.

This workshop will take you hands-on through different yoga poses so that you may begin your own yoga practice through the remainder of your pregnancy, and perhaps even during labor. You will receive a handout of all the poses with pictures and descriptions.

Mommy & Baby Yoga

In this workshop, you will learn how to fit yoga into your new life and make it part of the routine with your baby. The yoga will help you tone and strengthen, returning your body to its prepregnancy form—or better! First we will learn exercises for you to do while your baby lies on a blanket and watches with curiosity. Secondly, we will learn exercises for your baby to get a chance to move and develop his/her physical and mental skills. Lastly, you will learn exercises for both you and your baby to do together. After this workshop, you will have the material and new ideas to take home with you to exercise and build lasting memories. The entire workshop is design to promote fun, play, and bonding between mother and baby.

Rock ‘n’ Roll with the Exercise Ball

Ever wondered how to use those big exercise balls you’ve seen in the gym or in the stores? Do your kids think you bought it for them as they bounce in the house? In this workshop, you will learn simple, safe, and effective exercises using the ball. We will be using exercise balls, light weights, and mats. The workshop includes handouts that demonstrate all the exercises done throughout the workshop (with pictures) so you can continue your workouts at home.

The Amazing Power of Dynabands (Tubing)

You will be shocked to discover all the amazingly effective exercises that can be done using tubing in this energizing worksop. We will use Dynabands to strengthen and stretch nearly every muscle of your body! This program will help you learn the exercises, use correct form, AND see results! This lightweight piece of equipment is fantastic for traveling: use it on the airplane, in your hotel room, or outdoors. This program includes handouts that can be taken with you to continue your exercise program no matter where you go.


Christy hosts workshops at corporate locations, studios, hospitals, and in client’s homes with their friends.


$150 per workshop

What People Are Saying

I learned more exercises that I can do while pregnant, some that I didn’t think I could do.

It was interesting and I enjoyed the discussion content and the exercise session. The teacher was fabulous.

Definitely, Christy is extremely knowledgeable in the area, and a great instructor! Also great that she is pregnant, and can empathize with what we’re all going through.

Overall, Christy was very knowledgeable and was very entertaining in her style.

I thought this was great, glad there was a handout since Ive forgotten many of the moves since the class.